Yo yo was goooood.
im mahlik and i am a highschooler/ baseball player from south Florida
my blog consist of gaming, baseball, and multi-fandom shieeeet (y)

Posted: November 11th
Posted: October 10th
Posted: October 10nd

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  • Baritone: existentialgentleman my-psychological-tower urforeveryoung thelifeofabandgeek, totheready prbuick11
  • trumpet: asecond-madworld, heroofthemachine, how-you-survived-the-war(I'M COUNTING THIS, OK) thebrasslung, dcifreak, Invertedtriad, Thatkidnamedkylon, malumdiscordiae
  • trombone: http://dancerdanna.tumblr.com/ my-psychological-tower thebrasslung, invertedtriad, totheready
  • tenor sax: shaigirl-1/a-high-school-freshies-band-blog
  • pit: InfinityCords, mklarimba, butteredjames kristinsgotgoodvibes
  • flute/pic: how-you-survived-the-war, invertedtriad, pawrina, totheready
  • alto sax: yougottastaystrong.tumblr.com, invertedtriad, pawrina
  • horn/mellophone: Jessicalovesdci, asecond-madworld, heroofthemachine, invertedtriad, malumdiscordiae, dcidiva, breathe-there
  • guard: http://thegirlwhowantedtofly.tumblr.com, invertedtriad, breathe-here
  • drumline: invertedtriad, minorvinyl, liblyx
  • tuba: my-psychological-tower thebrasslung
  • clarinet: edifying.tumblr.com, mklarimba, thelifeofabandgeek, breathe-here, lilio
  • bari sax:
  • bass clarinet: breathe-here, lilio
  • drum major: slightlyspasticbassoonist.tumblr.com, yougottastaystrong.tumblr.com, totheready, breathe-here (I got around a lot okay), lifeofthepartygirl

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Sooooo my baby and I had a little fight tonight. But ya know, we settled it and we now understand each other a little more and it made me realize how much I truly love her :)

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Posted: September 9th

do you ever just think about someone and immediately get really happy because their mere existence is a source of joy to you

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Posted: September 9th

My God I really love you💙❤

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Posted: September 9th